Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy 75th Repeal Day

I was planning on taking part in the Session this month, but real-life obligations got in the way. This month's question, delicioulsy hosted by 21st Amendmendment Brewery:

“What does the repeal of Prohibition mean to you? How will you celebrate your right to drink beer?”

It was going to be a brainy piece on whether the craft beer and home brewing movement is better off because of prohibition. In other words, instead the BMC and burgeoning craft brew situation we are currently in, would we have scores of rather conservative regionals and a minute craft and home brew segment?

Time is the tyrant.

Here's what I can say about the repeal and it has some poignancy given our current economic times. I have been awestruck by those that have followed their dream to open breweries in the face of archaic post prohibition regulations, hop and grain shortages and plummeting economic confidence.

Earlier this year, Don Webb a fellow home brewer and friend, opened Naked City located in Shoreline WA. I followed along as he subtly hinted that he was, "going pro", as he struggled to get permitting, find a suitable location, adapt his business plan to the shortages and the capriciousness of the whims local officials.

Don has always been a can-do guy, and a great story-teller so while things looked as dark as a Russian Imperial Stout Don never faltered in his online posts and you'd never know doubt when you heard him speak. Real inspiring stuff! It was shared victory for many when he opened in October.

Online I have also been following other brewers in various points of developing a breweries, including Fullsteam (who's image I shamelessly stole) and dozens of beer bloggers, podcasters and beer raconteurs detailing their personal struggles as well as the fight for great beer.

And so I celebrate repeal day by honoring those that fight the good fight every day.

If you care to follow along with these great stories, check out some of the people that I am following on twitter.

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Glibbidy said...

I'm back in the mash tun Rob!
Ordered me up some yeast to rock out.